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Today I have am asking you guys for a bit of help. Normally a Google search is all I need to find out anything I need to know but I’m a little stumped on this one. I joined Facebook before they had “Fan Pages”. So like with MySpace when people who liked my music wanted to friend me I gladly obliged. I did set up a Facebook Group but I could not simultaneously update my profile and the Group so it was useless really. Today I have a lot of Facebook friends.

Facebook Spam

Here is the problem I am having: I get a lot of emails “to the members of” pertaining to an upcoming techno event. I never joined to be a member of any of these groups/events. Some of the emails are from actual friends (like Reade Truth). I don’t want to unfriend him. I only want to stop receiving those types of event notifications from him. Some of the emails are from people I friended who I didn’t know (thinking they were fans). I could unfriend them but if they are genuinely interested in following my updates I don’t want to be rude. Lastly, I get “to the members of” event notifications from people who are not my friends at all.

Facebook - Event Notifications

I’ve gone into My Account -> Notifications and unclicked everything I can imagine would be causing the issue. I set up some Gmail rules so Facebook notifications skip my inbox and go into a Facbook folder but I still have to weed through 15+ “to the members of” emails per day. So what’s really going on here? Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I second this. This kind of event spam, which I think is caused by the fact that once you’re invited to an event, you’re a “member” of it, is really annoying.

    I want to get updates on some events, thus I don’t have a filter in Gmail, but I don’t want to receive updates or messages from events I haven’t specifically said I’ll attend (or maybe attend).

    1. I set up the gmail filter and it works great but Leo is right if I want to be involved with a Facebook event I will have to check it via Facebook. All the good event emails are tossed with the Spam ones but for me that’s better than 15+ crap I have to see everyday.

  2. Hey Oliver,

    Welcome to my nightmare.

    Filters are the key to prevent the emails… from what it seems you get sent the spam messages if you don’t give an answer to whether you are attending an event or not… I tend to just leave all requests pending as I get too many a day.. so I get the emails.

    One thing to note is that the spam emails always start with a quotation… so I have all facebook messages filter into a folder.. then I sort by name and all the spams go at the top due to the opening ”

    I also have “invited you to” and “suggest you become a fan of” move to the trash also.

    I have signed up a separate facebook account which is just for close friends. I also use a program called textexpander on mac, which automatically inserts chunks of text when you type certain strings… and every week I go through my facebook inbox and auto reply to every real mail with an apology and details on how to get this message through (emails to me, manager and website support etc). Facebook inbox system is a nightmare for keeping track of things and doing mass deletions etc.

    That’s how I roll, it’s not ideal and I still pull my hair out a bit sometimes… keen to keep an eye on these comments to see what other people can suggest.



  3. For all the reasons you mentioned and more, I am seriously considering a complete blackout of all social networking and starting again from scratch, doing it properly and never adding non-friends or people I don’t personally know to my personal profiles. Of course then I will lose connections to fans – but I figure eventually the ones who care will join the new artist/label pages etc. What do you think about starting over with Facebook and Myspace, etc? Would you risk losing all the contacts for promotion in order to restore some sanity and order to your online life?

    1. Well there’s two sides to that… if you start over you will loose a lot of people but the people who you keep are most likely the important ones. That said I don’t think I would do it. I’d try some garden weeding first.

  4. Turn off all email notifications… I personally direct people to join my fan page when then try to friend me. I too get hammered with facebook messages about events. What happens is, when someone invites you to an event, anyone who is an administrator of that event can email everyone who was invited, even if you select not to go to the event. Its crap. They shouldn’t be able to message you if you haven’t selected to attend the event. What i do now is choose to ignore all invites to events once a handful of them fill up… It sucks that this happens… no way around it right now, hopefully there is a workaround sometime soon.

  5. You can also prevent people who aren’t your friends to send you a message by going to the privacy settings and unchecking “A link to send me a message”.

    Maybe this is not exactly what you wanted, but should help reducing unwanted messages and spam.

    1. I like to keep my messages open to anyone, there have been times where i have gotten remix requests and stuff like that through those messages from people who are not my facebook friends… It just really sucks we have to make ourselves unaccessible in order to stay spam free…

      1. Oh, I agree with you 100%… It’s just an option, that has pros and cons as any other.
        I think official contacts for remixes or shows or similar stuff are probably better left to good old email rather than relying on facebook/myspace messages. But yea, basically, it sucks having to deal with spam and unwanted messages in any way. :)

  6. Another quick thing to mention is if you set up a Gmail filter to create a Facebook “folder”, remove “to the members of” and skip the InBox when you check your email using the native iPhone mail app you have to go to the new Facebook folder to see those messages. I know that makes sense because it’s what I set up but just a reminder to check there too…

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