SoundCloud gets a killer update

SoundCloud iPhone App from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

SoundCloud has become the best place for musicians to store and share music online. The Berliners have continutally upgraded their site’s services listening to it’s customers. Beyond the new features the site is managing to scale well and it looks very pretty. Here are some of the new tools in the latest release “Taylor”.

SoundCloud already had the best embeddable audio player with a great waveform display and comments along it’s timeline. Now there are two new player widgets called “Artwork” and “Mini player”. Here they are:

Artwork Player (Roll/click your mouse over for effect):

Mini Player (Click Play to expose mini waveform):

Sharing is much better now too as they follow Flickr a bit here allowing users to grab a Secret Link to send out. Stats is greatly improved (where there even Stats before?). Just take a look at these Stats from the past seven days:


Here we go with a big one: an official SoundCloud iPhone app! Take a look Ma no flash (Video above).

Finally there is a new pricing structure that could make more sense for the unemployed and skeptical. For more info: click here

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  1. Awesome write-up thanks so much Oliver! Glad you like it



  2. Loox like our most favourite baby is gonna get serious now. This is really a 2.0 Killer update ! respect mates, the artwork player looks just awesome !

    go on

    greetz from germany


  3. Oliver – nice overview. Seems like there’s no new killer feature – but a lot of small updates that add up.

    The third-party iPhone apps that save to SoundCloud are an interesting new development, too.


  4. yeh this is a really nice update IMO – I especially like the ‘send private e-mail’ option, very handy if you want to show a proto of a song to someone who hasnt a Soundcloud account yet…


  5. – the iphone app is a solution to a problem i do not have….
    – the mini player cant/doesn’t access sets/multiple tracks
    – the artwork layer is ok but how come i can’t even customise any of the players as much as eg the vimeo embed player? come on SoudnCloud, you can only customise ONE colour? what about the background colour? If you want me to rely on embedding soundcloud into a pre-existing site design then at least allow me to control the basics…
    – you still cant search for a 3 letter word!?? i can use google but how hard is it?
    try searching for ‘dub’ sometime… zero results… good grief!

    bring on version 5.0, then things will get interesting….

    sorry to rain on your/their parade but small mercies etc….


    1. I agree about Search. They need to completely redo the algorithms or whatever mojo it takes to get that to work. I still think the iPhone app and audio players are terrific. Concerning the colors you should start a request at Get Satisfaction: click here


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