Ableton Minimal Reverb Tutorial

Dubspot is school in New York City that trains DJ’s and electronic musicians. I’ve been to the facility for a few Ableton meetings and it was always interesting. Mike Hatsis gives us a run through on using Ableton reverbs and such in a Minimal track. I like how he says, “I like to think of it as the sound’s shadow.”.

“Dubspot Instructor, Michael Hatsis, shows how to add Space and Dimension to Minimal Techno style drums. Topics covered include using Drum Rack’s Send and Return tracks, as well as Creating and using a Plate and a Room style reverb in Ableton Live.” –

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  1. I’ve seen a few of the Dubspot videos, but this one stuck out to me as being quite good. His take on reverb is different and refreshing compared to a lot of other tutorials on Youtube and it definitely gave me some ideas on using the diffusion network. Thanks for the post!


  2. Indeed, nice use of verb. I often attempt to use verb to add to the cohesion of a drum mix but end up failing. I had also forgotten how to wire send n returns within a drum rack, so that has saved me digging into the manual again. :)


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