Kammerl Audio Plug-ins with Strange Interfaces


Bored with regular GUIs? Recording a music video and need a studio shot with a computer in it? If you want something unique check out Kammerl Audio’s new VST plug-ins for Mac or PC. Pitch, Distortion, Scratcher, Slicer and Looper are ready to be installed. These are free from Germany. Go get em: www.kammerl.de/audio/

“I just discovered these frunny and usefull plugins I needed to share… Playing with it for a moment proves me that there’s some really usefull tools here!” – Miro Pajic

via Miro Pajic

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Oliver Chesler

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5 thoughts on “Kammerl Audio Plug-ins with Strange Interfaces”

  1. Wow these are great . You can get some really interesting and unusual sounds going with these . Thanks for the info , been looking for new toys .

  2. I like the slicer, but it seems to make a nasty crackling noise… I’ve tried tweaking every setting, but the digital crackle remains… shame!

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