Webcam Interface for Ableton Live

m4l.lab.videomusicbox from liubo on Vimeo.

Liubo Borissov is a professor at Pratt in Brooklyn. He has created an interesting music box/piano roll interface for Ableton Live using a webcam and Max 4 Live. You can download the source code here:

“video music box with max 4 live” – liubo

There are other webcam audio controllers out there… check out my post from April 2008: click here. For more info on Max 4 Live:

Rain, wind and Alexander McQueen.


Today is what I call a double whammy. First off, it’s raining hard and the weather report says when the rain finally ends this afternoon expect very high winds. Wonderfully, work starts near Central Park and ends up in Chinatown. Along the way we stop and check on small construction projects to make sure our clients are happy. We also have several Energy Audits to perform. Normally we don’t cover that much ground but hey since it’s going to be nasty out why not? That’s a joke of course. The second whammy is a 7PM meeting tonight somewhere in Yonkers. The meeting is by choice but if you want lots of green paper in your pocket you have to go to these things. I won’t be home until at least 11PM. Thank god I have an iPhone for moments of


Here’s something I have been thinking about this morning before heading into Manhattan. Last night before I went to sleep my wife who is a fashion designer was freaking out Alexander McQueen’s new fashion line or whatever you call it. “Shoes!” “You have to check these out. Crazy!”, Julie yelled. I admit I do think these new McQueen things are pretty cool looking. A bit club kid platform mixed with Fabergé Egg? My real thought focused on the comfort of these things and computer aided design. I was thinking that if these shoes were designed by a computer maybe its possible the model’s feet are positioned properly inside them. By the look on the girl’s faces they are probably very uncomfortable.

I know this post was  OT (off topic) but hey synths and sequencers were not on my mind this morning.

via Vain and Vapid

Omega 8 Drums

Omega 8 as a Drum Machine – Quick Behind the Scenes
from Calvin on Vimeo.

Calvin is showing off his great looking Studio Electronics Omega 8 analog polyphonic synth again. This time he teams his orange box up with a Culture Vulture valve distortion unit. For all his audio samples and a full run though of what he did head over to:

“Well, long gone are my TR-909, TR-808, Machinedrum, Xbase09, MFB-502, and I haven’t picked up those D16 plugins yet. So I decided, why not use the Omega 8?” –

For more info:

The Horrorist – Blow the Kiss


Here is the final version of a song I recorded for Andy De Decker. Andy is part of the Belgian band Ionic Vision. He put together a compilation to be released later this year all about sex. From a production standpoint one thing interesting about this song is many of the sounds were recorded into Ableton Live live from my iPhone.

Blow the Kiss – The Horrorist by thingstocome

“Cut the wrist. Blow the kiss. Blood bubbles. Trouble trouble. Trouble trouble!” – The Horrorist

For more info:

Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde

Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender is a Synthpunk band from Los Angeles that kick offed their madness in 1979. I love these guys. Listen closely to the lyrics from the song Cardinal Newman (video above). Who can beat a chorus that screams, “Catholic school with prison bars! Catholic school with prison bars!”. All their recordings are fuzzy taped real analog synth detuned greatness. Go search the net for bits and pieces of what you can find and shoot them a few messages because they are still around.

“The group was confrontational and experimental, mystifying audiences of the day. Phranc’s androgynous appearance was the embodiment of the group’s name and added to their mystique, garnering them much press in zines such as Slash. Despite their somewhat high profile, the groups’ habit of provoking the audience, obscene material and harsh erotics guaranteed they would never gain commercial acceptance.” –

For more info: