Analogue Systems rs440

I love early Soft Cell demo tapes. There was a CD compilation called Science Fiction Stories (Discogs link) that had a collection of these early Soft Cell treats. If you like that super analog, detuned, noisy madness than you will love the new Analogue Systems rs440 delay. Liquid Sky music fans would also get along with this unit too. If your still reading and get what I am talking about AND lust as I do for such sounding things then watch the above video and find $325. Got the cash? Here’s the link: bigcitymusic

“Analogue Systems has just released a brand new module, the rs440 BBD Analogue Delay. This is an awesome sounding delay, utilizing a Panasonic 3011 BBD chip. Analogue Systems has done a great job keeping the price down on this voltage controllable delay. There is some clock noise at longer delay times but the use of a low pass filter after can easily rid you of it. Actually, the clock noise is pretty fun. You can use it as an effect!” – bigcitymusic

For more info:


  1. You’ve been really loving your Soft Cell lately :P.


    1. True! I think Im strangely obsessed with out of tune oscillators.


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