Music is Magic


Music is magic. There’s nothing else like it. Unlike a book, movie or television show you want to listen to great songs over and over and over again. Music is a time machine. Nothing can bring you back in time like a song. Great musicians are the magicians moving layers of notes from verse to chorus in amazing ways making your brain fire a thousand thoughts.

This week was fully right brain for me. I performed Energy Audits, managed construction projects and did a pile of paperwork. Last night driving home I decided to switch from listening to my tech talk podcasts to music for the first time in seven days. Pandora app finger tapped. Start a station: Blondie. “Call Me” (iTunes link) started to play and all the numbers and yawns of my week disappeared. Street lights smeared and red and black lasers started to shoot our the side of my car. What a cool song that woman wrote. So very cool.

Music always wins for me.

photo credit: Reuben Whitehouse


  1. that is a great song….but i’m pretty sure giorgio mororder actually wrote it, and i think it was written with stevie nicks in mind for vocals, but she turned it down.


    1. Could be and Mororder is great so no wonder. Blondie’s voice still is matched perfectly for this one.


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