Supermarket Songs

In order to stay skinny and save money my wife and I go to Trader Joe’s every weekend and get a full weeks worth of food. If good stuff is in the house I loose the urge to eat out. Sometimes I love to go food shopping other times it’s pure routine. It’s no wonder under the bright fluorescent light people’s minds start humming tunes. Here’s two good ones!

“For our latest mission, six undercover actors burst into song in a grocery store in Queens. Three minutes and lots of silly choreography later, they returned to their roles as shoppers and stock boys. The mission was filmed with hidden robotic, lipstick, and wearable cameras. The song was played over the store’s PA system live.” – ImprovEverywhere

Ever since I heard this Trader Joe’s song it’s been stuck in my head, “It’s the manager who asks you to go. It’s our favorite place it’s that store Trader Joe’s”. Terrific!


And the absolute greatest Supermarket Song of all time is: Persuasion by Soft Cell. This is one of my all time favorite songs period:

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