Moby’s Drum Machine Collection

Here’s a nice look at Moby’s Noahs Ark of vintage drum machines. He also goes into the virtues of replacing your band with electronic instruments. I agree completely. I once performed at an early “rave” in Washington DC with Moby. Before fame he used to DJ a small bar near Suny Purchase (my alma mater).

“Motherboard heads deep into the bowels of Moby’s Manhattan apartment-studio, where he unveils his prized assemblage of rarified gadgets, bizarre synthesizers, and outré drum devices.” –

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  1. PAiA is also well known for their “Fatman”. I recall reading some test about it some decades ago.


  2. yes …it’s funny …but play with another human is more funny …the feeling of a machine is always the same …no? I love to play with my drummer when he’s unhappy and the tune sound totally different ….the difference is the way of human …all music are now, similar …
    play alone is more easy …but i love to play with machine …how to render human a machine ?


  3. I think you can make machines sound musical, as long as your not relying on the machine to make your music. As I always say, “If you make machines your music, you won’t find music in your machines”



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