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I’m one of the few people who loved Apple’s last mouse the Mighty Mouse. I loved the scroll ball on top to shoot left and right in Ableton Live. The major flaw of the Mighty Mouse was that the ball on top consistantly broke. There were ways to bring it back to life but eventually it would completely stop working. They have since lost the rights to the name “Mighty…” and yesterday released a new mouse the Magic Mouse. It looks like a multi-touch wonder. The only thing I am unhappy about is the fact that it’s not wired. Come on Apple keep it green. There’s no real reason to buy, use, recharge batteries in a device always 1 foot away from a plug-in source. That said, I never used a battery powered Bluetooth mouse. Am I missing something? Is there a good reason they exist? I’m definetly going to give it a try!

“It began with iPhone. Then came iPod touch. Then MacBook Pro. Intuitive, smart, dynamic. Multi-Touch technology introduced a remarkably better way to interact with your portable devices — all using gestures. Now we’ve reached another milestone by bringing gestures to the desktop with a mouse that’s unlike anything ever before. It’s called Magic Mouse. It’s the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse. And while it comes standard with every new iMac, you can also add it to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac for a Multi-Touch makeover.” –

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6 thoughts on “Apple Magic Mouse”

  1. A wireless mouse makes a fantastic remote control if your Mac is your living room media server and you want to drive it from your sofa.

    In an office situation, I did genuinely find myself thinking the other day “this mouse cable trailing around my desk is really untidy and a waste of space”.

    Bluetooth Mighty Mouse does eat batteries though. I imagine the Magic Mouse will be no different.

  2. wireless mice are heavier, and always end up out ofbatteries at a critical moment. Cabled mice are lighter, andthe cable does not matter is it is long & soft enough.

    Personally I switched to a Gamer’s mouse, a G5, and am really happy with it to make music. The scroll wheel also makeslefts & righ moves, on the fly resolution change helps when you need to be precise on a control…

  3. I couldn’t agree more. It’s ridiculous to only offer a wireless version, especially as the vast majority of people will be using theirs in a desktop situation. I use a laptop and love the scroll pad, but I used to have a desktop. If I still had one I wouldn’t trade the chemical waste and hassle of batteries with the infinitesimally small annoyance of a cable.

  4. Mine arrived today & I’m trying to replace my Mighty Mouse with it. I’d really gotten used to the shorcuts for Expose and “Show Desktop” I’d set up on my older mouse and find only having 2 buttons on the Magic Mouse really restrictive. I’m hoping updates in the future and adoption by 3rd party developers will improve the situation, but I feel so frustrated I’m considering returning the mouse.

    The new scrolling surface feels lovely. The actual scrolling onscreen seems less even than when using the Mighty’s scroll-ball, or a “clicky” wheel like on most other mice, but it’s quick and responsive. Right-clicking is easier than with the Mighty-Mouse (tho’ perhaps the efforts I made training myself to get successful right-clicks – which most find tricky – have carried over?).

    Does anyone know how “multi” the mouse’s “multi-touch” surface is? So far I’ve only got useful actions out of 1 and 2 fingers. What about 3 or 4? The surface is easily wide enough for 3-finger taps and vertical scrolling

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