Audio Damage Tattoo

Audio Damage - Tattoo

Audio Damage is getting ready to release it’s first instrument. It’s a non-sample based drum synthesizer with sequencer. It has a random function and the VST version outputs MIDI so you can make your external hardware freak out too. Chris Randall and Co. make plug-ins with a very high fun factor so this one is surely going to be a winner.

“We haven’t decided on a price, and I have no idea whatsoever as to when it will be done. We’ve got the synthesis all in place, but not “tuned,” and the sequencer is about 80% complete…” – Chris Randall

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3 Responses to “Audio Damage Tattoo”

  1. Raytrace says:

    yeh this is going to be incredible, I and many others have been wanting a replacement for Waldorf Attack for a good while, and knowing AD the sound will be great, cant wait to try this out :D

  2. charlie says:

    this looks and promises to be badboy!

  3. YoFi says:

    I would be suprised i this thing would do a better job then Waldord attack.

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