Webcam Interface for Ableton Live

m4l.lab.videomusicbox from liubo on Vimeo.

Liubo Borissov is a professor at Pratt in Brooklyn. He has created an interesting music box/piano roll interface for Ableton Live using a webcam and Max 4 Live. You can download the source code here:

“video music box with max 4 live” – liubo

There are other webcam audio controllers out there… check out my post from April 2008: click here. For more info on Max 4 Live:


  1. Very nice. Really can’t weight for M4L to come out. Even more excuses not to leave my room, damn it!


  2. That’s totally tits. Imagine all the interactive tools in 5 years.


  3. Funny, yet like many “new” controllers, very limited. with a webcam, D-touch seems much more promising.


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