The birth of a Neumann

My friend Marc Acardipane (German techno producer) has a Neumann microphone. I recorded some vocals with it and was fairly blown away. I’m not sure which model he had. Possibly it was a TLM 103. The way I would describe it is the opposite of the helium effect. You know how if you suck the helium from a balloon your voice sounds high pitched or kid like? Well the Neumann made me sound more manly. I know there are thousands of boutique microphones and even more Chinese knockoffs but let’s face it: Neumann is the top name.

“Georg Neumann GmbH (Neumann), founded in 1928 and based in Berlin, Germany, is a prominent manufacturer of professional recording microphones. Their best-known products are condenser microphones for broadcast, live and music production purposes. For several decades Neumann was also a leading manufacturer of cutting lathes for phonograph disks, and even ventured into the field of mixing desks for a while.” –

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