Beautiful Moog Voyager NE Editions

Moog Voyager NE

Novamusik is selling a special version of the Moog Voyager called the “NE”. I think it’s the best looking version of the best looking synth out there. They come in several colors with white-washed cabinets, matching backlighting, matching colored rocker switches and matching capped jack panels. I like the Electric NE above and in a close second the Solar NE below. You can see the other colors at the Novamusik site: click here


They will get you for $3,295. How many weeks pay gets you one? For more info:


  1. yeh that is beautiful it has the same type of colours as the Alesis Micron/Ion or that other weird synth, the Neuron.
    Very 2001 (as in the film)-ish IMO :)


    1. Yeah I was thinking the Solar NE was very Kubrick too. Want!


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