Dieter Doepfer Totally Wired

Doepfer Sneak Peek
from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

A wonderful clip from the documentary Totally Wired featuring Dieter Doepfer. It’s nice to know Dieter is listening to his fans on the Doepfer Yahoo Group. We also finally know the reason why Doepfer modules are silver. Check out all the amazing modules from Doepfer at:

An interview with the great man himself, taken from the documentary ‘Totally Wired’. Dieter talks about the inspiration for the A100 series, his collaborations with Kraftwerk, and the future of modular. Unmissable! – niamhguckian

For more info: Totally Wired (Amazon link)

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5 thoughts on “Dieter Doepfer Totally Wired”

  1. yeh I saw this at the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival this time last year, I think it was some type of premier, the lady who made it is Irish – great film – especially all the Schneider stuff – Schneider himself was there, really polite (and tall) guy eheh

  2. I hope it comes to the iTunes store or Hulu. I don’t really have a new/want to buy a real disc anymore. That said I really want to see the movie. Schneider was always super nice to me when I visited his “office” in Berlin.

  3. great seeing Dieter being so candid about the company origins, and the note about the “silver” color. I would love to own a huge Doepfer modular, but think I’ll probably end up settling for a Dark Energy for cost reasons.

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