D16 Shioitor brings back the Roland SH-101

D16 Shioitor

I don’t know how to pronounce D16’s new synth Shioitor. However, I clearly know how to say Roland SH-101 (Wikipedia link) and that’s the target of the Polish crew this time. I used to own a red Roland SH-101 with a handle and it was always the first thing anyone made a comment about when they entered my studio. A few months ago D16 asked me to make some presets for Shioitor so I’ve heard this synth in action. If you liked the original you won’t be disappointed.

“D16 spent many hours analysing analogue synthesisers and creating DSP code to replicate the hardware in software. As a result, Shioitor has a very true sounding analogue filter with constant Q and a very warm character. Resonance is constant across the whole frequency domain which makes the filter sound totally authentic – especially when controlled using envelopes or an LFO. Turning resonance to maximum and turning off all oscillator volumes will produce a pure analogue sine wave as the filter self-resonates. Innovative oscillator algorithms developed by D16 make Shioitor sound like the hardware synth which inspired it. There is no aliasing in the oscillators – even at 22kHz from the note’s base frequency. The level of aliasing around the highest produced frequency is about -70dB.” – d16.pl

D16 Shioitor Colors

Besides presets you get a few niceties the original didn’t have including arpeggiator shuffle, polyphony and key zones. You also can choose your favorite color!

For more info: www.d16.pl/shioitor

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16 thoughts on “D16 Shioitor brings back the Roland SH-101”

  1. yeh this looks absolutely brilliant, Ronnie’s right about the GUI, the tangible quality to their interfaces (while still adding new features) makes them pretty much the only plugins I get ‘gear envy’ from :D.

    the diagrams of their filter curves relative to typical aliasing at high cutoffs is v interesting too

  2. Yes, D16 Group brings us back what every producer has used in the past. The VSTi and AU technologies are great. I think a today’s software synthesizer comes really close to a hardware synthesizer.

  3. great stuff man – I never managed to get the hang of Blender, I try every year or so by checking out the latest build, I actually did about 2 weeks ago and I was atleast able to extrude an Illustrator file, thats as far as it went though haha. I really should learn though if I want to render stuff as it will be a long time before I buy Maya or Cinema 4D :/

  4. Its a shame that roland is giving away so much potential of their own gear, they could do much better stuff combining their analog stuff with new ideas

    d16 is showing how to do this with their software

    they should team up with roland and make a controllet for their software

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