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It seems this site has outgrown any cheap shared hosting plan. It’s nice Wire to the Ear has so many readers. I am getting many “Error Establishing a Database Connection” errors. I always upgrade to the latest version of WordPress quickly so I don’t think I’ve been hacked. Am I wrong? I am looking into switching from shared hosting on iPower to VPS (Virtual Private Server) possibly with inMotion.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

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11 thoughts on “Site Maintenance”

  1. Can’t reccommend Media Temple enough. They have been more solid for us in the last 6 months than any one I have dealth with in 10 years. Plus whenever we have a traffic spike I don’t even worry about it. Best of luck!

  2. Oliver

    Sorry to hear about the site troubles. I’ve struggled with the same error message a couple times in the growth of Synthtopia. For us, the webs erver was making too many database calls for our plan to support, so requests were backing up.

    Here are a few things that may help make immediate, but temporary, improvements: reduce the number of posts included on the index page; temporarily remove optional widgets that add a lot of database calls; replace widgets where possible with a static text widget (ie – Links & Categories rarely change); and turn off any optional plugins.

    Here are few things that take more work, but make bigger improvements: edit your theme to eliminate useless database calls (ie., hard-code your blog name in the header); add a caching plug-in like hypercache or super cache; disable post revisions; compare themes and find one that uses fewer database calls; get a better hosting plan.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with it!

  3. If there is really a growth in your stats then it’s the right way to go.
    Those errors usually occur when there are more than a set-up number of connections per second and the server can’t handle it. The cheapest dedicated server that I know of is somewhere around 50$ monthly but on the other hand that would probably be too fast for just one site.

    Hope you’ll manage to figure something out!

  4. yeh I thought there was something wrong although usually when I used to see those errors I thought you were just updating, but when I realised the last post hadnt updated for a good while, I thought something must be up…

    good sign though that an upgrade is needed :)

  5. iPower says they fixed the problem. I always believe people should have a chance to work things out so I’m going to give it a few days to be sure. Nevertheless I need to install a cache plug-in this weekend. Whatever happens it will be ok because I have been backing up the site fully and regularly.

  6. Just wanted to chime in on James’ sugggestions. Optimizing your theme/plugins/database calls can do a lot for you.
    I moved to a VPS a while ago but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really need it. There’s a whole different set of worries when you are in control of your own (vp)server.

    Another thing I experience every now and then is that the MySQL database needs some cleaning up. Some tables can grow to have a lot of overhead over time and optimizing those tables (I think the wp-options one can really become a problem) can also drastically improve your database performance.

    Anyway, it seems the site is indeed running pretty smoothly right now, so keep that cash in your pocket!

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