Wire to the Ear Interview with Klaus Suessmuth of Acidlab

Klaus Suessmuth from Acidlab

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Klaus Suessmuth of Acidlab. He is the man behind some killer Roland hardware clones. Not only does he replicate the sounds of the originals to the extreme detail he also takes the time to extend the feature sets of these ancient machines. To top it off Acidlab hardware looks great!

I think the Roland TR-808 is the king of all drum machines sound wise. How close does the Acidlab Miami sound to a vintage TR-808?

Closer than any other 808 clone. Without a direct comparison not possible. The differences of the sounds are just in the pitch and in the range of the variation of the original. The Bassdrums decay is increased.

Does the Miami have a fully analog signal path?

The Miami has the same analog sound-circuits of the TR-808. The components are replaced with new components. In some sound-circuits, the original parts were used to achieve the same sound.

What features does the Miami have that a vintage TR-808 does not?

  • programming on the fly (tap-write)
  • all the modes (track write, track play, pattern write and pattern play) can be changed without stopping the sequencer
  • two shuffle-modes
  • synchronization with midi-clock
  • midi mode (instruments can be played with midi notes,
  • less noise and less 50Hz, because of newer opamps and no transformer in the housing

Acid Lab - Miami

Let’s talk about how you make your wonderful toys. Do you manufacture all the Acidlab products by hand in Germany or do you outsource some of the labor to a small factory?

The electronic is assembled from a factory, I do the calibration and the rest of the assembling.

How long does it take to make a Miami?

Too long! Have to do a lot improvements on the production workflow.

Have you ever been to Miami Florida?

Yes, once in the airport on the way to costa-rica, with no money left (all was gone for the fly-ticket) …..

You have created some very nice clone machines. Have you thought about making an all original design? For example, I love my Vermona DRM1 MKIII…

The Bombass is an all original design! I have done a lot of  special moduls for my modular systems as prototyps…

Acidlab Bombass

Do you also keep another day job? Exotic dancer? Software developer? Sherpa?

Of course – Design and research as electronic developer in a big German firm. Main topics are powerelectronics and low noise sensor systems with highest resolution.

If you caught someone in your home stealing all your music equipment would you: A) Kill them.  B) Forgive them and give them 20 Euros for food. C) Tie them up and make them watch DJ Scooter videos for 24 hours.

They will get crazy from using my equipment !

Tell us some links where to find your products, websites, videos and anything else!


In the US, contact: analoguehaven.com


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6 thoughts on “Wire to the Ear Interview with Klaus Suessmuth of Acidlab”

  1. Can anyone recommend a link with a review of the Miami? How is the build quality / ruggedness on this?

    Also, what would be the best way to buy it in Canada?

  2. The M1AM1 is a beast! Highly recommend it. After owning two 808’s, one of them S.E. modded even, I feel there is no reason to own anything other than a M1AM1 for all your 808 needs. The shuffle modes alone.. amazing.
    I am still uncovering it’s features, and it has a become an amazing, solid addition to my studio.
    Thank you Klaus and wiretotheear for this great little interview.

    Now…, I’m hoping for a 909 clone sometime!

  3. I own a bassline and a bombass, both mk1. The build quality is great, the devices are solid. They come with 2 year warranties. I once had to send my bassline to Klaus because of a small annoyance. He went beyond what any other manufacturer would do to fix it.

    I am in Canada, i ordered directly from Klaus. It went well. Except the bank people seemed to find it strange to do a wire transfer related to something named Acidlab.

    Want more interviews with Klaus!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about these great looking devices, and for the interview. Klaus has become a new hero for me: holding down a day-job and producing amazing looking product that’s well supported (by the sound of the other comments). I’m just annoyed now that I need to make more cash for a M1AM1 as well as the other gear on my “must-have” list – I dream of owning one more than I want an 808, now!

  5. The Miami is as good as it gets.
    I am a very happy owner. Never had a single problem.
    The midi input is a great plus.

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