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Welcome to the newly redesigned Wire to the Ear. My love for Helvetica shines brightly in this new incarnation of my all things pro-audio blog. The Swiss fonts are large and images are boldly framed in black. The signature blue from the old blog has been adjusted to be a bit richer and so has the yellow used for my authored comments. A cleaner Flickr slideshow replaces the old grid widget in the sidebar. Vimeo replaces the blip.tv video widget. I’ve zapped a few old elements that were out dated or unused (Delicious bookmarks) and advertisements that were under performing. If you read this blog in Google Reader hit Command-V and take a look at our new paint job. By the way you can find me many other places around the web. To see a list of such haunts head to: oliverchesler.com

Simple Songwriter for iPhone is a chord finder.


I always say melody trumps the sounds you choose and I use a variety of helper software to find nice melodies. Harmony Navigator has been my favorite non-mobile application for this task. On my iPhone I’ve been using Star Guitar (iTunes link) to generate ideas and today I found another useful tool Simple Songwriter (iTunes link) from Hopefully Useful Software. It’s a simple chord selector/player/recorder and if you’re making lyric based songs it’s sure to give you a few ideas.

“Beginners to advanced musicians can use this app to leave thinking behind and bring the fun back into creating music. All the chords given sound great together and most pop/rock songs will use a combination of these chords. The touchscreen gives you the perfect environment to quickly and easily generate song ideas. When you have a great song idea, record it for later practice on your chosen instrument. List view allows you to browse your songs chords, while the song key section can transpose your idea to any key instantly.” – hopefullyuseful.com

For more info: www.hopefullyuseful.com

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