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We have wireless MIDI with products such as the Kenton MIDIStream. An assistant professor at MIT seems to be on the verge of bringing wireless electricity to to world. You can read about Marin Soljacic and his work here: But let’s live in the today where if you have a recording studio you have miles of wires strangling you like an evil spider’s web. There is a $10 piece of metal from Ikea that can make your studio beautiful again and it’s called Sigmun.

Ikea Sigmun

“Collects your electric and computer cables together; makes it easier to keep your work area tidy. Separate trunking for cables that are sensitive to interference.” – Ikea

I don’t have a desk in my studio (or home) without one or two Sigmun’s attached underneath them. Power strips and power bricks all nest happily out of eye sight. Besides making pretty you will have less dust bunnies clinging to rivers of wires. Let’s also not forget that without wires all over the floor the less tripping and ripping sockets out of gear will happen.

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5 thoughts on “Studio Requirement: Ikea Signum”

  1. Good post, Oliver. With the wireless of keyboards and mices and things, the top of my desk is nicely uncluttered. But behind has been a disaster and makes the whole thing look like it’s 2003. The Signum has been a nice addition to the studio.

  2. i also used to use this signum thing but its a pain in the ass when you want to unplug the cables or change anything because everything is stuck in there

    also it gets quite warm when all the cables are together-

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