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Here’s an interesting find on SoundCloud. A guy named Shin Ichiro A from Tokyo is posting audio clips titled “test model 002”, “multi 001” and “65.406Hz + theta frequency”. I love audio that propels my mind into Stanley Kubrick space. I hope Sia (as he also calls himself) posts more!

test model 002 by sia

65.406Hz + theta frequency by sia

“sia has 2 sound projects, Ru:Ri:Ro and Field Noise Records. Ru:Ri:Ro is Experimental/Ambient.” – Shin Ichiro A

Shin Ichiro A: SoundCloud and MySpace

photo credit: dekstop

via Raytrace

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2 thoughts on “Shin Ichiro A”

  1. Ha, that came surprising. Just recently had some contact with “sia”. More for his other project (doing fieldrecordings with binaural microphones in tokiodowntown) but still funny how different people on earth stumble across the same guy living at another place on earth.
    cheers, nicken

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