Clavia Nord Lead 2X FX Video

from Jexus on Vimeo.

I owned the original Nord Lead and I always regretted selling it. The Nord’s are beautifully designed virtual analog Swedish synthesizers with stone modulation wheels and wooden pitch knobs. I really liked the fact the original Nord Lead didn’t have any effects. I also still think that it has an original sound to it. It doesn’t sound like an analog synth or a VA copycat. Although some people say the now discontinued Nord Lead 3 sound was compromised no one can argue the LED knobbed interface wasn’t amazing (pic below). I wonder why they stopped producing it.

Nord Lead 3

“Nord Lead 2x FX / Abstract, all sounds programmed by WC Olo Garb. Video editing by WC Olo Garb.” – Jexus

The new Nord Wave is really interesting as it allows you to load samples into it and then allows you to further synthesize and play. I hope to get my hands on one and load some of my own vocals into it and see what happens. For an interesting Wave video showing VSTs and Reason Synths loaded into it: click here

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6 thoughts on “Clavia Nord Lead 2X FX Video”

  1. The Nord Lead 2X was introduced after the 3 was released. The two are not the same soundwise (not saying better or worse, but they are different) and it’s my understanding they released the 2X in the first place because people wanted the 2 more than the 3 (there could also have been a shortage of some parts for the original 2, I don’t remember). Well, if the 2X sold better the 3 might not have done so well? Unfortunately they’ve also ceased selling the Modulars… Damn shame as I was looking to get one myself.

      1. Yeah sure. No problem finding it (especially not here in Sweden ;)). It’s just that to make use of its full potential I would need a computer and one day the new OS won’t be supported (I’ve heard some weird stuff about Leopard and the Modular already) and I don’t want to keep old computers around just for that reason. I asked someone who’s in regular contact with Clavia about the possibilities for a new version and he said it’s unfortunately not likely. But one can still hope, right? ;)

  2. has a whole category on a diy modular software for the nord modular.

    DiscoDSP discovery..supposed to be NL2 emulator, the presets on the vst are identical. I watched a gearwire shootout between the 2 and they sound different once a knob is moved,the filters are not the same of course with the hardware filter was better.

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