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Car Radio

Good old AM/FM. The last time I listened to regular radio outside of my car was in the 80s. I used to listen to stations for hours just to catch and record a song I liked onto cassette. Lucky for me that habit created a giant box of tapes recorded from the airwaves which I will make digital someday. These days most radio is harsh, loud, repetitive and loaded with more than 60% commercials. Since I moved back to New York from Berlin I bought a car and so I’ve been listening and seeking through stations.

The craziest thing happened. I find myself stopping on 106.7 more than any other music station. is one of those you know adult contemporary stations playing elevator, oldies and love songs (Joe Cocker). You still can hear a lot of Korg M1 sounds on this station! I got to thinking what’s keeping me at this part of the dial. I think it’s the fact that these songs are full of melodies and clear vocals/lyrics I can understand. If I don’t know a song I like to follow along and hear the message. I’ve noticed a lot of songs I once thought were really horrible cheese are actually pretty good. I’m not leading this blog post to some profound point I just wanted to share. I know your going to say I’m getting old. That maybe but I still love me some kill evil music. They never really played any of that dark stuff on the radio anyway. Sometimes I check out 89.1 WFDU (Fairleigh Dickinson University) radio but it’s hit or miss depending on the DJ. When it comes to AM NPR is where it’s at.

My radio listening days are almost over as I finally ordered a new radio with an iPhone hook up. Pandora,, Slacker, Simplify Media, podcasts, audiobooks here I come!

Do you still tune in?

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  1. Is Tim Sweeney still Djing on the Beats In Space show on WNYU? NYC Radio was dead to me except WNYU. Beats in Space, Digilusion, Halftime for underground hip-hop, there was a soulful house show also but cant remember the name of it. Friday night would rotate to one of these shows also. Carl Craig did an hour set on Beats in Space back in 2005…First half of the set was a lil too housy but by the other half was full fledged acid .. have a listen

  2. I clicked that Audible ad on your page last week and downloaded the new Michael Connelly book. It’s pretty great listening, once you get past the narrator’s voice – he sounds like some cigarette smoking tough guy. Thank God I also got a book on Jazz read by Lavar Burton to even it out. I’ve loved his narration ever since the days of Reading Rainbow.

  3. Hey Oliver,

    pretty funny that you mention this cause years ago we had a discussion about music in the hotel and i said how can the horrist like music like this and i never undertood this for years. Now that im 30 years old i still make Acid Music but listen to regular music too, so i guess it really is the age :P


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