Dj Thomas White looks at the Tetra

Dj Thomas White shows a nice long look at his new Dave Smith Instruments Tetra synthesizer.

“I love this powerful little synthesizer and have had more time to play with it since making this video footage last week. I hope you enjoy the sounds, and at $800 for a 4 voice true analog synth, you can’t go wrong. Want more knobs? Use the editor and one of your multiple MIDI controllers.” – djthomaswhite

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One thought on “Dj Thomas White looks at the Tetra”

  1. Someone PPPLLLEAAASE prove me wrong and show me its capability of making a worthwile Hi hat is not fail.No bpf hpf.. Its totally taken away my lust for the drm MK-III though, yes its half the voice, but smart ppl can get a kick HH and snare or clap on one voice with white noise and bpf leaving 3 more voices for more boom and bip, still minus a voice of the drm mkIII but this has memory and control over CC automation, and a 16 X 4 seq. If it cant make a decent HH i might get an evolver.

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