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I really like the Berlin based audio software developer Sugar-Bytes. Effectrix is one of my all time favorite plug-ins. I’m glad their new plug-in Eloquence works on Midi parts (not audio). We’ve seen a nice resurgence of hardware like the new Dave Smith Instrument’s Tetra so this would make a nice companion.

“Eloquence provides an extremely versatile palette of performance options which can be triggered right from your MIDI keyboard” –

Available now for $129/99 EUR. For more info:

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3 Responses to “Sugar Bytes Eloquence”

  1. Max Vio says:

    Ever tried FL-studio, formerly known as “fruity loops”?
    it´s Piano roll is fantastic, the best, i´ve ever seen.
    You can do all that and more

  2. Video Music says:

    Looks interesting, but I am also wondering what you can do in this plugin that you can’t already do natively in Ableton Live’s clips?

  3. Derrick S says:

    tested it yesterday with my Virus TI2, what it makes so special is the simple workflow and you have everything under 1 Page, so its very easy to make step sequences

    it also has some live-effeckts you can play in realtime

    also check out 7Aliens Catanya, same concept but not so complex

    those are tools which should be integrated into any sequenzer as a standard!

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