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I really like the Berlin based audio software developer Sugar-Bytes. Effectrix is one of my all time favorite plug-ins. I’m glad their new plug-in Eloquence works on Midi parts (not audio). We’ve seen a nice resurgence of hardware like the new Dave Smith Instrument’s Tetra so this would make a nice companion.

“Eloquence provides an extremely versatile palette of performance options which can be triggered right from your MIDI keyboard” –

Available now for $129/99 EUR. For more info:

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3 thoughts on “Sugar Bytes Eloquence”

  1. Ever tried FL-studio, formerly known as “fruity loops”?
    it´s Piano roll is fantastic, the best, i´ve ever seen.
    You can do all that and more

  2. tested it yesterday with my Virus TI2, what it makes so special is the simple workflow and you have everything under 1 Page, so its very easy to make step sequences

    it also has some live-effeckts you can play in realtime

    also check out 7Aliens Catanya, same concept but not so complex

    those are tools which should be integrated into any sequenzer as a standard!

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