I’m stuck in Folsom Prison


I wish most of my friends had as much talent as this 5 year old. Here’s an interesting tidbit: Rick James, Suge Knight, Timothy Leary, Charles Manson, Erik Menendez and Duane “Dog” Chapman all spent time in Folsom!

“Folsom Prison Blues” performed by Wesley, 5 years old, at the 2009 Spring Coffee Shop Jam, at The Columbia City Theater in Seattle, WA. The Jam’s a chance for Heartwood Guitar Instruction students to showcase their talents.” – srmaximo

In case you don’t already own the original Johnny Cash version of this song go get it: click here (iTunes link)

Have you ever been to jail?

via Laughing Squid


  1. Cute, she didn’t tear the original up ether, pretty good stuff.


  2. there is hope for the future if 5 year olds are listening to johnny cash


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