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Kontakt Player - Native Instruments

Here’s a no brainer download for musicians. Native Instruments has released a free playback only version of their Sampler Kontakt with two free sample packs. The motivation is to get you into the NI world and buying new packs but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing the freebie. I always think sample based sounds cut through a mix a little better than pure computer based synthesizers and drums. If you do end up with a collection of Kontakt “Player libraries” you can browse them from inside the plug-in and each library has a cover image and scrolls in a rack ala Reason. Kontakt Player also will operate stand alone so if your somewhere sans sequencer and bored you set to go.

“Building on the success of its predecessor, the free KONTAKT PLAYER allows for innovative, highly playable instruments that leave existing technological and musical limitations behind. The virtually unlimited flexibility of Kontakt Script Processing allows for instruments with unprecedented functionality and musicality.” – Native Instruments

Native Instruments are based in Berlin and also have an office in Los Angeles. My personal favorite piece of kit from NI is their Massive synthesizer. For more info:

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6 thoughts on “Native Instruments free Kontakt Player”

  1. Do you know if this Kontakt Player supports the Puremagnetik Micropaks? I currently download both the Live and Logic versions but if Kontakt Player works with Puremagnetik, then it’s just one download and load up in either DAW!

  2. Abletons Sampler also can load Kontakt libraries. Sampler is deep … you wanna get deep into when you load good kontakt sounds.

  3. tbh I never noticed cos I never actually had any Kontakt libraries o_O
    now I have Kontakt I might get some though (in hindsight obviously I could have gotten them a long time ago…)
    actually I had the Kontakt Retro Machines pack which I used through Kore Player, I never tried getting its files into Sampler though.

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