Swayzak Video and Ableton Live pack


I found Swayzak by their single I Dance Alone (iTunes link). Later I found the album Some Other Country (iTunes link) to be perfect office work background music. They have released a free Ableton Live pack. It’s a 50MB download available now: click here

“Swayzak is a tech house duo from the United Kingdom that consists of James S. Taylor and David Brown. They live and work in London and released their first 12″ single “Bueno” / “Fukumachi” in February 1997 to much acclaim. It was followed up by the 12″ “Speedboat” / “Low Rez Skyline” to become part of the burgeoning tech-house scene in the UK.” – Wikipedia.org

What does the word “Swayzak” mean anyway? Is it some kind of UK thing?

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3 Responses to “Swayzak Video and Ableton Live pack”

  1. Hello Oliver!

    I love your latest album, it’s realy cool detuned.

    Imho, best Swayzak song is “Quiet Life”, sound like, gay dancing in the fog.

    Best regards from Russia!

  2. Joe says:

    Mmm, very interesting vid. It’s always good to hear the ins and outs of how people work. Like the http://www.elektron-users.com features that come up on the front page. There’s been some great stuff on there.
    I live in the UK and don’t personally know the word Swayzak! But I dont live in London… so it might be a London ting.

  3. plato says:

    This pac appears as a exec file when uzipped on a mac, ie it doesnt work

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