Swayzak Video and Ableton Live pack


I found Swayzak by their single I Dance Alone (iTunes link). Later I found the album Some Other Country (iTunes link) to be perfect office work background music. They have released a free Ableton Live pack. It’s a 50MB download available now: click here

“Swayzak is a tech house duo from the United Kingdom that consists of James S. Taylor and David Brown. They live and work in London and released their first 12” single “Bueno” / “Fukumachi” in February 1997 to much acclaim. It was followed up by the 12″ “Speedboat” / “Low Rez Skyline” to become part of the burgeoning tech-house scene in the UK.” – Wikipedia.org

What does the word “Swayzak” mean anyway? Is it some kind of UK thing?

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3 thoughts on “Swayzak Video and Ableton Live pack”

  1. Hello Oliver!

    I love your latest album, it’s realy cool detuned.

    Imho, best Swayzak song is “Quiet Life”, sound like, gay dancing in the fog.

    Best regards from Russia!

  2. Mmm, very interesting vid. It’s always good to hear the ins and outs of how people work. Like the http://www.elektron-users.com features that come up on the front page. There’s been some great stuff on there.
    I live in the UK and don’t personally know the word Swayzak! But I dont live in London… so it might be a London ting.

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