Battle of the bands Google style.

EBM Band Comparison

Ever wonder how popular a band or artist really is? Head over to and find out. Today I have three popularity wars set up (click to enlarge screenshots). First I go old school EBM (of course) and throw VNV Nation into the mix with Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy. Surprisingly Nitzer Ebb looses big time. Next up on stage is MGMT vs Willie Nelson vs The Prodigy. The surprise to me here is that the Prodigy manages to stay on the chart at all. The final contest I go for some big bands: NIN vs Depeche Mode vs Kraftwerk. I knew DM would win but if you look carefully there were a few moments in time NIN over took them.

MGMT vs Willie Nelson vs The Prodigy

Depeche Mode vs NIN vs Kraftwerk

Of course popularity doesn’t always equal great tunes but this is a fun way to see who’s “the biggest”. Do you think any of these results are surprising?

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  1. How do the stats look in the neverending battle for 8Bit supremacy? In my case, its hard to differentiate one bit from the other since kiddies mindlessly call themselves 8Bit on a daily basis without any who-or-what research. From the OG 8 (myself) to the godless communists on the west coast who dress in robot suits to Bad Boy 8Bit etc, the list goes on. Even Scotto himself has drank the cool-aid and is calling his new tunes 8Bit, and the mofo knows me personally. At this point I’m better off releasing the next album as “Willie Nelson” by “8Bit” just to fuck up these stats or better yet call the next album “8Bit, 8-Bit,, Cihan, Willie Nelson, Original, 1992, 1993, 1994, etc” Seems the only way to win the tunecore war nowadays is through search engine rankings, how totally blippin sad.


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