DopplerPad for iPhone is great fun.

The Doppler Effect
from Retronyms on Vimeo.

I’ve been obsessed with a new iPhone app called DopplerPad (iTunes link). I will let the videos show you what it can do. The killer feature for me is that it allows you to sample something then you click and record sequence playback points along the sampled waveform. Joy!

“Quickly create and perform musical hooks, phrases and loops with a variety of custom synth and sample-based instruments. Make samples on the fly and weave them into compositions.” –

Must see TV if you want to get good with DopplerPad…

For more info:

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  1. there seems to be no info at all on Retronyms, not even a mention in their product listing.

    So it’s probably better to visit , where there is tons of info.


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