Great Doepfer Dark Energy review.

Nick over at put up this great Doepfer Dark Energy review. I’m liking the HD look Nick! I didn’t realize how good this little synth is. This joins the Dave Smith Mopho and the Analogue Solutions Semblance in the “hot little inexpensive real analogs with Midi” category. If you don’t need a poly keyboard grab any of these instead of a soft synth!

For more info:


  1. wow that’s sounds great! and i like the usb connection so much. more handy than midi imo. a friend of mine bought the blofeld like 2 weeks ago and it’s a great synth too :)


  2. Thanks for posting this review. I’ve been wanting a closer look at the Dark Energy since I first saw it. It looks great. Im a lot more drawn to this than the Mopho because it seems more tangible… but its a tough decision between this and the Semblance (its so all about analog noise, multimode filters and 2 OSC’s!)


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