Use DaisyDisk to recover hard drive space.



Last week I noticed my fairly new Macbook Pro’s hard drive was almost full. My initial thought was since I was taking non stop photos and recording audio it was normal. I clicked to Amazon and was checking out prices of Drobos. Luckily it dawned on me I should use some Disk Visualization software to see exactly what was on my hard drive. There are many free applications that do the job but my favorite app is $19 and it’s called DaisyDisk. It’s got one of those futuristic interfaces that make looking at something like hard drive space less mundane. Colors represent areas on your drive and types of files and you can click to drill down (as you can see above) to get more and more detail.

To my joy and great surprise DaisyDisk let me see that 50% of my drive was filled with podcasts! Apparently I had subscribed to a bunch of video podcasts and had iTunes to keep all the downloaded episodes. As much as I wanted that Drobo I’m more happy to have the free space.

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  1. As much as it’s not as nice to look at, I think Omni Disk Sweeper is worth a mention here purely because it used to be commercial software, but it’s now free. (It used to cost about £30 I think). I’ve been using it at work (since I discovered it was free) for much the same reasons as you’re using DaisyDisk for here and it works a treat (I’m the Mac technician at a college and look after about 200 Macs – free software is great when the alternative is paying for a site licence!).

  2. I thought I posted this earlier, but for PC there’s WinDirStat, which is free, doesnt look as cool as the mac one thou :p

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