PSP Audioware Nitro on sale for $10.


Nitro is one of my all time favorite plug-ins. It mangles audio in a high end way better than any other plug I own. To be honest if I had a $399 ready to blow I would buy Nitro instead of Komplete. It’s that great of an effect. If you’re a [k] fool go buy yourself some karma and go legit with Nitro. The deal’s at click here

“It offers many filter types derived from analog prototypes in addition to other useful processing blocks such as phaser, bit-crusher/downsampler, waveshaper and interpolated delay blocks. These can be connected to each other using virtually any routing scheme. The advanced control signal generators are capable of modulating most of the processing parameters, making this plug-in an essential tool for sound design and experimental purposes.” –

More info about Nitro:

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9 thoughts on “PSP Audioware Nitro on sale for $10.”

  1. Thank you for let me know,Oliver.
    Yeah,you can use a credit card if you buy it from outside the US.I’ve bought it yesterday.
    PSP have really interesting plug in: i’m using also PSP Vintage Warmer as Limiter as plug in on Cubase Master and it works very,very well.

    I think i will buy other stuff from them.

  2. Just picked this up (UK with a credit card, no international Paypal as noted before) – it seems pretty good, light load on the CPU authentication went easily. It will be interesting to combine this with Timeless 2 by fabfilter.

  3. Hey Oliver,
    Nice link-up there. I hope they give you a cut from all the traffic you’re driving to them ;-)
    I just had a quick play with the presets and a chunky square-wave combo from the brilliant TAL Eleck7ro. Sounded wicked … by turns sweet & evolving or a mess of filthy noise. Brilliant! I reckon I’m gonna spend a few weeks using it in place of the filters on all my synths :-)

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