Ableton tip: Keyboard control of faders.


Here’s a few small Ableton Live tips I use all the time. When in Session View you can click on the small left facing arrow on any mixer channel and move it up or down using the Arrow keys. This is a great way to fine tune the volume of a Channel. If you hold Shift down while pushing the up or down Arrow Key the volume will jump negative or positive 3.12db. If you want to return any Fader to 0db simply click once on the small left facing triangle and hit the Delete key. Lastly, if you hold down Control and click the Left or Right arrows you will move to the next Left or Right Channel Fader.

Remember you can find all the Ableton Live keyboard shortcuts in Chapter 28 of the user manual. Happy music making!

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5 thoughts on “Ableton tip: Keyboard control of faders.”

  1. Hey Oliver,

    thanks a lot for that handy tip. Did you had time to check out the APC40 yet ? I received my unit 2 weeks agon and i love it. It really pushes Ableton to the next level.

    Cheers from Munich


  2. thx for the tip. the second most valuable tips that i got from you since the “keep the master at 0db, and start out with channels at -3 or so” :)
    not saying that your other tips isnt good.
    keep up the fine work

  3. that’s fab! just needed a help with some extra control but got no more free knobs on my controller. Now i know how to deal with those channel levels using just computer keyboard

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