Use Audioboo to broadcast your sounds.

Walking through Audioboo
from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

There is a great new web and mobile service called Audioboo. It’s an iPhone app that lets you record a short snippet of audio, take a photo, add a name and some tags to it and then upload it to Audioboo’s website. When your “Boo” ends up on Audioboo’s site it also displays a Google map where you recorded your audio. Audioboo sends your Boo to Twitter and your Boo has embed codes ready for you to copy paste. All these features have been available in various forms but Audioboo puts it all together in a nice package. Audioboo announced just this week that that are working with Spinvox to transcribe spoken work Boos to text.

As a musician there are clearly some clever ways you can utilize this service. Besides recording my own Boos I’ve been enjoying listening to other user’s Boos and following a few famous tech geek’s Boos such as Leo Laporte.

Check out my Audioboo page where you can hear me chat about Walnut Cake and PowerPoint:

For more info:

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