The great synthpunk keyboard: Korg 700s MiniKorg

Korg MiniKorg

Long before the hipster Microkorg hit Williamsburg there was the Korg 700s Minikorg. It was one of Korg’s first synths and to this day it’s one of my favorites. Every time I hear one of its raspy detuned aggressive sounds it makes my brain jump to it’s evil side. Daniel Miller used a 700 to create one of my all time favorite records TVOD/Warm Letherette by The Normal (iTunes link). Daniel soon went on to found Mute Records and sign Depeche Mode.

“It has three ring modulators for some strange sounds and noises. Sometimes a decent bass sound for techno music can be achieved using the MiniKorg’s hi-pass and low-pass filters. The two oscillators can be de-tuned and they offer triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms. There are some strange analog effects built-in as well such as portamento, a rudimentary repeat-delay, auto-bend (bender), vibrato and Chorus and Noise waveforms.” –

You can find the Korg 700s MiniKorg on eBay from time to time for a decent price. It’s on my wishlist!

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4 thoughts on “The great synthpunk keyboard: Korg 700s MiniKorg”

  1. I had one of these. Let me tell you GREAT synth. Super dooper fat. I got mine in the late 1990’s in a Pawn Shop in hick-ville. I paid $35. I then used it HARD for 10 years playing over somewhere around 1000 gigs + practices. I never got a case for my “Korg” because I figured that is when it would die. Then I sold the unit for $450 (all win)

    Word to the wise on purchasing ANY used Korg gear. Yamaha owned Korg for a few years. When this happened all of the spare parts were lost. So when a pre-Yamaha Korg breaks you are major SOL.

    Additionally, Korg had (might be different now) a policy of not keeping spare parts past a few years. I have not heard any of this chatter recently, but 8 years ago parts were tough.

  2. yeh I’ve never seen one of these in real life, but I really love the 700s sounds in the Kore Soundpack ‘Kontakt Retro Machines’

  3. I bought one 1983 for nothing. The 700 was in perfect condition. But since I am the most stupid man on earth I painted it pink for a concert. Then I opened it and messed around with the components to see if I could get more interesting sounds out of it. It got totally ruined. I throwed it away in 1985, I think.

    I also traded a TR808 for a TR505.

    Hello, anybody home???

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