Another TR-808 clone.

808 drum machine clone test
from Danjel van Tijn on Vimeo.

There’s no drum machine like the Roland TR-808. It has kick that goes from a sharp click to boom and snares and hats that sound like chrome lightning. Since Roland never released the 808 and used prices are up and up it’s no wonder clones are arriving. We already have the Miami from Acidlab and as you can see above the MB808 from intellijel could be coming our way. I say yay.

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8 thoughts on “Another TR-808 clone.”

  1. This one looks and sounds already interessting. I lvoe that he seems to use the same height as the original 808 as i never fell in love with the Acidlab Built Quality and size. Thanks for sharing Oliver.


  2. Oliver, et al,

    I have been watching the development of this project for some time…

    Stopped a while back because of all the project delays. I hope they are back on their feet with the PCBs shipping. I’ll have to see the forum status tonight.

    This is a marriage between an 808 clone project and (the MIDIBOX project)

    imho, wish Acidlab had a proper sales page or USA support network.
    God i love that guy’s work.

    Jason // Chicago

  3. I used to read about 808 clones, do research on which one is the best, try to figure how much it’d cost to build one etc.

    Now I have the real thing, I love its sound and its interface.
    I regret not buying it sooner

    I recommend getting the real thing to anyone who can.

  4. I absolutely love everything about the clone projects are out there and have been considering working on a MB-808 or x0xbox for a while now. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that the kits aren’t readily available, as my soldering skills need some practice before tackling such a project, but the results are so worth it!

    If Roland would only treat these machines to a *proper* reissue/reworking, insteading of slapping a vintage label on whatever lame rompler keyboard they are trying to sell at the moment and calling it good enough.

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