Beatport releases some nice Banner Generators.

Beatport Banner Generator

I’ve always complained to my Beatport rep that I really want to be able to customize the embedable player to fit my label’s website. I mean lime green and dark blue isn’t exacly what you would call a neutral color scheme. I still have not recieved my wish however today they released some nice looking banner generators.

Introducing the Beatport Banner Generator

Beatport has created a new tool to provide graphic assistance for the promotion of your new music. The dynamic banners created by the generator will update automatically with links to your current releases. Here’s the URL and easy instructions:

Step 1. Pick whether you’d like to promote releases by Label or by Artist

Step 2. Choose one of four color schemes

Step 3. Choose from the eleven different banner sizes and get the code to embed to your website, Myspace, Facebook, email signature, or online newsletters.

You don’t have to be a Beatport label partner to access the generator so if you want to help your favorite artist out grab a banner and promote away.

Google Wave could be great for musicians.

I pretty much love all things Google. I use Gmail, Google Docs and Google Reader daily. Considering I have two computers and an iPhone it just seems life in the cloud is the way to go. Have you heard the mountain of hype from the geek world about Google Wave yet? It’s basically real time email, instant messaging, media collaboration and Twitter (follow me) all on crack. I say crack because everything is in real time. Real time as in as one types each letter or does anything at all everyone in your Wave (group) see’s it. To top it all off Google has made Wave an open platform so developers can have a go at it. I immediately thought that this will finally bring real time music collaboration to the masses in a meaningful way. Let’s hope some smart German music software developers think so too.

More info:

Phil Spector’s Tweets.


It turns out Phil Spector was an avid Twitterer. Another weird fact to add to his gravestone: He only followed Yoko Ono.

“If the average man is made in God’s image, then Mozart was plainly superior to God.”

“The dread of loneliness is greater than the fear of bondage, so we get married.”

“As if it wasn’t bad enough I got locked up for 19 years, the bastards even confiscated my wig.”

“It’s comforting to know that mental health doesn’t always mean being happy. If it did, nobody would qualify.”

“One positive thing about old age is that you can remember everything that happened, even if it didn’t happen.”

Read more here: Phil Spector: The fascinating tweets of a murderer. (CNet)

photo credit: cgkinla

Literally the best music video ever.

This must have actually taken quite a lot of work to put together. I have to say this is far funnier than any Weird Al Yankovic.

Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in my sixth take on Dusto McNeato’s “literal video” concept! Lyrics: DASjr / Singing: PersephoneMaewyn & DASj – dascottjr

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