Walkman VS iPod.

Walkman vs iPod

The BBC has a great story titled, “Giving up my iPod for a Walkman” in which a 13 year old named Scott swapped his iPod for an original Sony Walkman. I often think what must young kids think when they play with old cassette decks and such.

“Another notable feature that the iPod has and the Walkman doesn’t is “shuffle”, where the player selects random tracks to play. Its a function that, on the face of it, the Walkman lacks. But I managed to create an impromptu shuffle feature simply by holding down “rewind” and releasing it randomly – effective, if a little laboured.” – Scott Campbell

Scott also is late to discover there another side to a tape and that “metal” doesn’t mean “metal band eq”!

Read the full story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8117619.stm

photo credit: Rosa Pomar

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3 thoughts on “Walkman VS iPod.”

  1. haha yeh it really did shock me I have to say when they didnt realise you had to flip the tape over!

    I have to say they did use and extreme example of ugly walkmans though, they could have used that ultra colourful ‘early diving helmet’ looking Sony SPORTS Walkman (similar colour scheme to the one in your pic, but it had that cool circular window), also it had more rubber over all the buttons from what I remember haha. JVC also released some really nice looking ones, like these brushed aluminum/red (I think they had coloured plastic over the aluminium), that were kinda wedge shaped and thin, and they had a cool 5 band EQ on the face, although obviously this was utterly impractical, cos if you were in anything other than the loosest combats the EQ would be changing all the time when the thing was in your pocket eheh.

    Yeh I have to say also the accelerated/easy access/shuffle repeat culture makes people hardly ever listen to full albums or even the whole of a mix probably. Back then you’d play that Fugazi tape you got off your friend who had the ‘cool big brother’ till you could hear the other side of the tape coming through backwards and then till it went into the inevitable wavey wow flutter which was actually a sorta LFO’d HCF or something.

    And also, and Im not being merely nostalgic here, give me the sound of a well recorded TDK SA-90 over a 128kps/192kps AAC (I’m using this as its the iTunes settings) anyday, Ill take a lack of hi frequency detail and some lovely warm hiss/white noise over the disgusting sound of a lo-bitrate snare/HH/sustained guitar chord/cymbal/crash anyday :D

    obviously a hi quality VBR LAME MP3 or 320kps one, or a good OGG, FLAC or a pure WAV is a different matter but when it comes to what most people download id definitely prefer the sound of a good old TDK SA-90.

    Also -what do guys trying to impress a girl when theyre in school give them nowadays? a USB stick of their favourites? – its just not the same as making a cover for the tape that takes you ages to make

    and yes I’ll admit im an old person lol

  2. I have 1000s of tapes, many I recorded off the radio in the 80s. I really have to set up a deck and start making things digital. Besides lost music the commercials are golden… Crazy Eddie his prices are insane! ps. some of the original Sony Walkmans are works of art!

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