Analogue Solutions SEM clone Telemark.


If you’re looking for a very good sound analog synthesizer you may want to check out the new Analogue Solutions SEM clone Telemark. I can think of a long list of main brand synthesizers that cost around the same price ($1250) or higher than the Telemark that don’t have 1/10th of it’s character. Check out the video and audio sample below:

Telemark audio clip: click here

For a history lesson concerning Oberheim’s SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) head over to click here If your about to go shopping keep in mind Tom Oberheim is also preparing to release a new version of his own classic. Read about the new SEM and check out a video over at Matrixsynth: click here

For more info:

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2 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions SEM clone Telemark.”

  1. that sound is so good and pure sounding, it sounds proper like DM/Vince Clarke or Marc Almond or something…

  2. Thats funny. Telemark is the name of the place I’m from in Norway. Its sort of like a county I guess, with communes in it. How the hell did they decide to call it that? Weird.

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