D16 Nithonat and Devastor samples.

D16 Nithonat

D16 have released their Roland TR-606 clone called Nithonat. I love all the D16 drum machines because they sound fairly close to the original hardware they emulate and also have terrific internal sequencers. My favorite feature is the random function. It is well worth reading the manual if you try/buy any of the D16 drum machines so you get the most out of them. Here is a set of samples I created from the new box:

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  1. I have Devastor and Phoscyon and love them, eventually I’ll get Nepheton and Drumazon, then maybe this :)


  2. I smell 505/626/727 bundle coming. And this may seem silly as hell but I’d wish D-16 would redo the Waldorf Attack or Waldorf make an Attack 2 with D-16ish features.


  3. wot no 707?


    yeh I have to say I recently got Waldorf Attack (Lite Version) with my Nio 2|4 and it is amazing, really really nice sound I think. D-Pole is also brilliant, although a little unstable, and fucking insane in general :)


  4. Oops…word that 707 cowbell…

    Does anyone know of a vst that sounds like the waldorf attack with the audio quality and features of the d16 stuff? Not microtonic either, which sounds good but is no attack.


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