Turn a Stylophone into a Roland Alpha Juno 1.


Want a nice afternoon project? How about taking a Styplophone, hacking it to make the “Dominator” sound (Roland Juno-1) and added Midi to it? Sounds crazy but that’s exactly what Jason from the UK did in the video above.

“Just for fun… not the most useful synth mod ever made. The technicals… Soldered wires to Stylophone PCB to use its keypad / resistor ladder.. put 5V across it and read voltage at stylus by analog input pin on arduino clone (miduino). Found out input value for each note and sent out MIDI note on/off messages thru serial connection when notes are detected. Simple.” – hotchk155

Just for a bit of comparison here’s the video for one massive classic techno by Human Resource called Dominator (iTunes link). This song really showcases how a stock synth preset can become a monster hit.


I’m Bigger, and Bolder, and Rougher and Tougher, in other words Sucker there is no other. I used to own a Juno-1 and loved the toms on it.

For more info on the Roland Juno-1: click here

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5 thoughts on “Turn a Stylophone into a Roland Alpha Juno 1.”

  1. wow that sounds pretty good, a lot better than most VST’s ‘What The/Hoover/Mentasm’ type presets.

    I love that 12″ – I have the R&S copy, only have Mentasm on R&S CD though :(
    And yeh, much as I love Beltram, I prefer the original 4/4 based versions, like the one posted in your link.

    It was such an amazing sound when it first came out – I remember Human Resource on Top Of The Pops actually – the guy doin the vocals was wearing a frilly ‘pirate’ type shirt eheh

  2. I’m am not sure, but as I gather he “just” made the stylophone a midicontroller (which is pretty awesome though). I think the dominator sound is coming from whatever he triggers with the midi-modded stylophone.
    The other way around would be very interesting as well. A midi controlled stylophone. may possibly be even easier than Jason’s mod.

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