A giant sweet look at Propellerhead Record.


Call me strange but sometimes I enjoy relaxed first looks at software. You know, the ones where the person doesn’t really know whats going on yet. Christopher O’Riley A.K.A Wassaname takes his first stab at Propellerhead Record. He doesn’t produce the kind of music I’m really into but for some reason I found this video interesting. I never heard anyone call something “giant sweet” before.

If you want the opposite effect check out the official commercial:


Even though I spend 99% of my time in Ableton live it’s good to jump completely out of that environment for a song or two. If you make music for a living and need an alternate universe to record in nothing beats the Propellerhead world.

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5 thoughts on “A giant sweet look at Propellerhead Record.”

  1. yeh i finally got the beta of this and am desperately trying to create a bug ;)

    the master buss compessor sounds incredible IMO, also the timestretch is brilliant, when full version comes out I will probably export stems from Live and mix them a bit in Record, theres something about the EQ/desk setup that makes you ‘listen’ to the mix more IMO, I was actually thinking yesterday that Live should have an option to load a template with say a 5 band parametric (knob-based) EQ and comp on each channel, in session view, maybe this option exists in 8 but I don’t know of it…

  2. that second video is IMO up there with MS Songsmith for the lulz, although I think in this case Propellerheads are probably in on the joke, unlike Microsoft :p

    Still, I’m ashamed to see them using the same cans as me (DT-770 Pro) :D

  3. finally got my full license (internet authorisation) acceptance today, so I’m gonna have a proper look at exporting stems from Live and bringing them into Record :)

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