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SoundCloud Groups

SoundCloud keeps adding on nice features to it’s pretty music sharing site. I was reading they now have a large paying user base and have received a few rounds of funding. I’m about ready to buy myself a Pro account. This weeks new feature that caught my eye is Groups. Anyone can create a Group around a subject. Here’s a few I joined:

Ableton Live Users – A group for users of Ableton Live.
Dj Mixes – Be sure to check out/comment on other mixes and upload your own. Keep it to 2-3 max please.
Field Recordings – Add your favorite field recordings.
Vocoder love – Group for artists who use vocoders.
Belgian New Beat – For anyone making music in this style or influenced by it.
Samplecloud – Put on the needles, plug in the cables, switch on the microphones and give us some food!
monome – small is beautiful
Samples – For sharing samples under the creative commons license. Samples and fragments only please!

I’d like to see an iPhone App for SoundCloud. You can already record audio on your iPhone and send it directly to SoundCloud using FiRe. I’d like to see how your using SoundCloud outside of the site itself. If you are posting your tracks into your own website or other social network send me a link to check it out.

“Groups are an entirely new feature on SoundCloud. They can be started by anybody and are a great way to bring people together around a specific theme or project. Want to start a remix contest? Make a group for it and let people send their remixes to that group. You’ll get a DropBox badge for the group that you can put on any page. And you’ll get a great player widget that will show all tracks that have been posted to the group. Groups can also be moderated to give you full control over its contents if required.” –

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7 thoughts on “SoundCloud adds a new feature: Groups”

  1. yeh the groups thing will become very useful in the future, I still think it may have been futile me setting up a Belgian New Beat one though – unless someone has mixes or something :p – actually I might put one up myself eventually (just made in Live obviously).

  2. Not sure yet how I feel about the groups. I’ve discovered a couple of new members’ work that I’d likely not have otherwise (Cyclotron = good) but now I’m getting 30-40 Soundcloud updates a day letting me know about songs added to the groups.
    In addition it looks like they aren’t well moderated — there are no less than four Ableton Live groups. I think a DAW isn’t really enough to have music in common. Ok, maybe Ableton Live tracks made with the new Vocoder, or with the Operator synth. But the tracks in the Live groups have nothing in common and frankly I couldn’t tell if they were made in Live, Cubase, or Logic.
    I expect some of this will sort itself out, just as I expect that soon enough the benefits of Belgian New Beat will be understood by all.

  3. that is cool the way it shows your groups, and yeh Brian hopefully my group will make people listen to, or at least ‘study’ Belgian New Beat for historical ‘this influenced that’ type reasons, I really do think New Beat’s importance in the evolution of hard 4/4 dance music is always understated…

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