Beatport releases some nice Banner Generators.

Beatport Banner Generator

I’ve always complained to my Beatport rep that I really want to be able to customize the embedable player to fit my label’s website. I mean lime green and dark blue isn’t exacly what you would call a neutral color scheme. I still have not recieved my wish however today they released some nice looking banner generators.

Introducing the Beatport Banner Generator

Beatport has created a new tool to provide graphic assistance for the promotion of your new music. The dynamic banners created by the generator will update automatically with links to your current releases. Here’s the URL and easy instructions:

Step 1. Pick whether you’d like to promote releases by Label or by Artist

Step 2. Choose one of four color schemes

Step 3. Choose from the eleven different banner sizes and get the code to embed to your website, Myspace, Facebook, email signature, or online newsletters.

You don’t have to be a Beatport label partner to access the generator so if you want to help your favorite artist out grab a banner and promote away.

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