GTD Applications. Which one?


I’m a list maker. As far back as I can remember I was writing out lists on paper. What to do today. What do to next week. Things I meant to do last week but want to definitely get to this year. Things I need to do that have to do with the music business. Things I need to do that have to do with home life. You get the idea. Naturally computers make list making and reminders even more “enjoyable”. However, I’ve been torn as to which application to use.

My first stab at a computerized to do list was in a Filemaker database I created. After that got boring I just had a to do list on a TextEdit document. Then I had that list TextEdit document inside a iDisk (mobileMe) folder so it would be available on all my computers. When online web apps took over I tried Remember the Milk and Todoist. I settled on Todoist for about a year. Lately, with my new job and Bronx renovations I realized I am managing a ton more projects and need another layer of help. This weekend I tried out The Hit List and Things. I really like Things a lot and think it maybe my next choice. The iPhone app for Things also looks pretty sweet. Although I’m already syncing a bunch of stuff (mobileMe, dropbox, Spanning Sync) and I think it’s slowing my machine down (duh!). I really think web apps are the future though. Google’s new Task’s look interesting. Maybe I should make a musical GTD inbox? I could sing all my to do lists! Surely I would remember them that way.

So by now maybe you get my point? Yes I need to choose a tool and they are useful but it’s all a bit ridiculous. That said, what’s your favorite choice for remembering all the things you have to do?

If you want to know a little more about the art of “Getting Things Done” or GTD check out David Allen: click here

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Sunday Sounds: Happy Mother’s Day

Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesn’t love his mother. Especially on Mother’s Day! My mother put up with me screaming my head off in the basement making hardcore techno tracks. My mother still cooked me dinners even when I stained the bathroom permanently green with hair dye. I remember one year she was going to the drug store and I asked her to pick me up a “music magazine”. She came home with one of those glam rock magazines with a guy who looks like a chick on the cover. She said, “I was so embarrassed buying this”. I explained I meant “Keyboard” or “Electronic Musician”… I felt so bad she was embarrassed! Thanks ma for putting up with so much stupidity!

Mr. T certainly feels love for his mother and to prove it he wrote this song:

ToneMatrix comes to the iPhone as SoundMatrix.


I love the Tenori-on. If it were a bit cheaper I would surely have bought one by now. I went to the official coming out party in Berlin and saw first hand how far creative artists can take the Lite-Bright impersonator. André Michelle is a wonderful software developer who has a website which is calls a Laboratory. On his page he has physics and music demos that run inside a browser. Some of his creations are impressive and touch on the future of software interfaces. One of his toys the ToneMatrix is a pseudo Tenori-on albeit a simple one. It doesn’t go deep as a real Tenori can but the basic grid pattern note fun part is there. You can find ToneMatrix on his Laboratory page and also as a tool inside HobNox’s awesome Audiotool website (browser based techno studio). Another place you can now find ToneMatrix is on an iPhone rebranded as SoundMatrix (iTunes link). It’s free so go make some zen bleeps.

Update: Twitter user @Candy Cane let me know there is another Tenori app for the iPhone called Melodica (iTunes link).

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Lacie iamaKey USB Flash Drive.

Lacie iamaKey

I have a habit of giving away usb flash drives. More than a few times I gave someone a file on a flash drive and when the person said, “hey these are cool” I can’t help from saying, “keep it”. They make good on the spot gifts because anyone who thinks a plain plastic USB key is cool must also think they cost more than $9.99 (which a 2GB guy goes for these days).

I got myself a new flash drive today the “iamaKey” from Lacie. As you see in the photo above it’s a real key with a built in flash drive. It was $20 for 4GB. There’s really nothing else to say other than it fits my ultra nerd self 100%.

If you want to be near music gear 100% of the time look at these babies:


Weird and yummy (via Synthtopia). Get them: here

More info:

Traktor to Twitter launched by Ritchie Hawtin.

Ritchie Hawtin

I met Ritche Hawtin a few times. I played a bowling alley with him in the early 90’s. We were set up inside the area that gives out the rental shoes. More recently in Berlin he moved into the studio next to me. Beyond being a friendly guy he’s got some great marketing tool ideas. I really like his latest move which sends Tweets of whatever track he’s playing directly from Native Instruments Traktor to Twitter. Here’s the copy:

“Pioneering techno DJ Richie Hawtin has announced the development of a new Twitter application that enables him to broadcast his Traktor tracklists in real time over the network. The custom Twitter application was developed in-house by Richie Hawtin’s label Minus, and it works by uploading song metadata through Traktor Pro’s inbuilt broadcasting functionality. Track details are automatically posted to Richie Hawtin’s Twitter account every 30 seconds (you can already see Traktor tracklist updates on his Twitter), giving anyone access to the tracklist of his performance, and providing exposure to the artists and labels whose music is being played.” –

Follow Ritchie on Twitter: click here and follow me (Oliver Chesler) too: click here

photo credit: cena carioca

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From happy to dark the music tells the story.

I posted a link to this video last week on my Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s a joke video but it really has been stuck in my head because it showcases how music alone changes the entire context of the video. For those who don’t know Different Strokes was a happy 70’s television show. It was about an old white guy “Mr. Drummond” and how he adopted two kids and all there silly antics in New York City. The original music for the sitcom was typical happy jumpy. Simply by switching the music out the show’s intro tells an entirely different let’s say disturbing story. This shows the power of music.

More info: Different Strokes at Wikipedia

In memory of my Roland Juno-106.

Get To Know Your Gear: Episode 1
from Blorp Corp on Vimeo.

Sometime around 1996 I was living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (actually I was in Midwood). I came home from a European gig to find myself locked out of my apartment. My keys wouldn’t open the door as they did many times before. I quickly realized someone had tried or possibly succeded in breaking in. I called the police and six officers entered my small one bedroom. I was told to remain in the hall. The female officer of the group came and and told me, “It’s not pretty in there. You’re going to be a little upset.”.

That was the understatement of the year. Everything was gone except my DAT (Wikipedia: DAT Recorder) tapes and Electrocomp-101. Now when I mean everything I mean everything. They took my food, underwear, soap and bed too. Gearwise two TB-303’s and a ton of other pieces you would find in a typical 90s techno guy studio were gone including a loved Roland Juno-106. So this morning I smile knowing I’m safe, I have my old tunes on DAT tapes and my Electrocomp is still as large and heavy as ever. Needless to say all my studios since have been armed and alarmed.

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The Horrorist – We Will Get Wicked

We Will Get Wicked - The Horrorist

Here’s a clip of a new song I am working on called “We Will Get Wicked” which will end up on my next album. A man speaks to a woman letting him know his dirty plans for her. I imagine those plans take place sometime early in the morning on a weekend night.

“And it’s something we must go through.” – The Horrorist

I know this music maybe isn’t for everyone but we can all appreciate the drums of from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII firing all full force. The snare (with analog Bucket Delay full up) and clap are panned hard left and right making a sweet stereo spread. The nice synth that plays behind the breathing section is a Korg MS20 I borrowed from a friend. The MS20’s nasal filter really shines there. My favorite part of the song is when the breathing echos every 8 or 16th time they appear. I know it’s a bit Kraftwerkesque but I think it appropriately fits in a song about sex. Part of the reason they echo so nicely is that I use a TC Electronic Powercore’s Chorus/Delay plug-in. Take a listen:

Remember that music is only the soundtrack for a real life. Now go and find yourself someone to torture.

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