iLike lets you create your own artist iPhone App.


I’ve been considering the ways to create an iPhone app for my own music as The Horrorist. iLike is has a limited time offer which will take all your content from your iLike artist page, turn it into an app and get it onto the iTunes app store. They charge a one time fee of $99 and after that they split the profits with you. The one time fee is a limited offer until next week. I can’t find anywhere what happens pricewise after that. “I like” the idea and may jump on it this weekend.

We just launched our turnkey service so you can create and distribute your own iPhone app. It’s simple to customize your app and program it with content using the iLike Artist Dashboard. Learn more by watching the video overview. Get started – customize and launch your app now. –

What do you think? Is this a deal worth going for? Am I missing a better offer from a competitor? Is this an idea who’s time as past?

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  1. A couple months ago I was looking into hiring someone or building an app myself for my stuff, but now that there’s an affordable easy offering it feels less desirable. Like the marketplace is going to get super, super flooded.

    I can’t see it being a big money-maker for me and I don’t really want to commit to an app that may be half-baked. But who knows. If I were touring right now I’d probably spring for it.


  2. Way too expensive. And then they split the profits?


  3. The whole app-for-an-artist thing still feels heavy-handed to me, and in my opinion, turnkey anything is rarely a good idea, especially for a creative venture.

    That said, if some musician absolutely needs his or her own app, that price really can’t be beat. Even doing it yourself, assuming you want to learn Objective-C, is going to cost $99 for the license alone.


  4. definitely sounds interesting to me as a label owner. Could be sweet to have an app for Circuitree!


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