Tom Cosm shows us his Vestax VCM600 with Live.

As a reminder that the new Akai APC40 isn’t the only Ableton specific controller out there Tom Cosm from New Zealand let’s his video camera roll and he shows us his Vestax VCM600.

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5 thoughts on “Tom Cosm shows us his Vestax VCM600 with Live.”

  1. Considering it’s nearly twice the cost of the APC40 and has no clip matrix with LED feedback, I just don’t get it. What would make the Vestax VCM600 a better purchase?

    1. If you need dedicated knobs more than you need a monome, or if you prefer potentiometers to encoders, or if you want a MIDIBOX 64 but aren’t sure about investing all the time, this could be a better purchase.

      I’d rather have an APC myself, but this little mixer looks pretty cool too.

  2. It looks ok, but thats it, most contollers are ok.
    It all depends on your style of music, and more often, how much is pre-fx’d or looped in the fist place.
    I like the ACP40.

  3. Akai Pro…Yes I own them..Yes I use them ..yes they are good..but their build quailty are teh suk.

    Monomes arent for everybody…I’m sure half the ppl buying the APC wont even use it to its fullest like a true monome head would.

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