Soundcloud’s New Player Widget is very nice.

SoundCloud Player Widget

SoundCloud has added volume control, a new info panel showing track stats, a download and buy panel, a share panel with support for direct sharing to your favorite social network, a handy switch to toggle comments on/off for faster navigation and threaded comments to it’s already sleek Player Widget.

To be honest I wish I didn’t love SoundCloud so much because I hate the idea of paying more than $50 a year on a web service. I also fear that if I upload 1000s of songs over the next five years and then SoundCloud goes out of business I’d feel majorly screwed. Imagine I use the above Player Widget in all my blog posts and then SoundCloud disappears. I know this is an issue with all cloud computing but I feel a bit more confident Google (and even Yahoo/Flickr) will be here in the long term or if they do cancel a service there will be good migration options. Now all that said, SoundCloud as a site is fantastic. In fact, it’s pretty much everything I want in a music storage and share online service. The guys in Berlin should really be congratulated for doing such a beautiful job.

I’m on SoundCloud:

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18 thoughts on “Soundcloud’s New Player Widget is very nice.”

  1. Totally agree and feel the exact same way about Soundcloud. Their services are great and definitely leading the way in what artists and fans should expect from an online musical experience.

    That being said, I wish is that I could simply buy their player and install it on my site. The player is great…. but having been burned by so many software as a service sites, I’d rather own and control it locally, or atleast have that option…

    1. Good thinking about long-term uefulness and reliability. I try to think about those issues, too, when I decide whether to start using a new instrument, music app, hardware, software…. I have lost creative work from years ago because I didn’t think ahead about getting it out of some program or disk format that later became obsolete or just no longer supported.

  2. yeh the new player is great – the little details are what get me – when you switch off the comments, the waveform bounces up and down like its been dropped or something. I bought the prolite pack and Im happy with that, but I suppose if your a label, you’d want to be able to have the logo’d drop boxes etc., so I suppose you would have to get the full pack…

        1. Hi Michel. Good idea but I still see the old MySpace player above the SoundCloud player. In your blog post the old MySpace player is not there… a glitch? or did you put back the old one too for some reason?

          1. huh?

            both on my mac & windows machine, my myspace page looks exactly as in my blog post (which is a screen dump). to be sure, i emptied my browser’s cache, reloaded, and i still got it without the myspace player…. very strange.

            i know myspace fools around with page behaviour without notifying users, but this is weird. it’s all hard coded css, so should work fine.

            perhaps you’re on some local version of myspace, or are you using a non standard browser?

          2. hey oliver,

            thnx so much for sending me that screenshot. i installed safari (i normally only use firefox) and it does indeed show the default myspace player… makes me feel very bad. but i think it’s due to a safari bug. my css code is fine, safari renders it wrong. based on the fact that about 3% of the browsing population use safari, i’ve decided not to get one gray hair over this and just mention in my blog post that it doesn’t work in safari.

            otoh, when i look at this very thread in firefox, the font gets smaller with every “reply level”. so your last answer is very hard to read. in safari, it looks nice though, with all the replies 1 point smaller than the main post.

            this is exactly the reason i quit building websites. customers expect their website to look good on every browser & platform, but sometimes browsers are made of fail and you spend all your time working around that.

          3. Yeah I hate that browsers render stuff differently. I do know that the font gets tiny in my threaded comments. I need to fix that for sure. I’m considering using Disquss or Intense Debate. I may even do a new theme here and zap some of the useless ads that make the page load slowly. Anyway… some nice tunes on your page!

          4. thnx!
            if i were you, i would get rid of the adds, unless it makes you a lot of money. personally, i’m using adblock plus and i’ve never even seen ads on your page. most of the people i know use some ad blocker.

            keep up the good work, you’ve got some pretty inspiring posts every now and then!

          5. I agree… I really need to refresh the blog. It will happen soon. All the ads will be gone except Google Adsense which are the least intrusive and actually perform.

          1. hehe yeh it is v handy – yeh it does have a load of comments – Im very glad people seem to like it :) – cos tbh my head was melted making that ‘track’ haha

  3. The problem of loosing all ones content if Soundcloud is going out of business is something that you may encounter everywhere.

    On the one hand, they will definitely warn everyone if they have to close down. They are musicians by themselves and know hov valuable the content is.

    On the other hand: You should always have three million backups of all your digital data. See Soundcloud as an additional backup solution ;)

  4. Im reposting here cos the nesting has made text pretty unreadable eheh:

    ‘Raytrace says:
    May 17, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    hehe yeh it is v handy – yeh it does have a load of comments – Im very glad people seem to like it :) – cos tbh my head was melted making that ‘track’ haha’

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